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Tank Cleaning 

Fenn-Vac's tank cleaning and removal services cover aboveground and underground tanks of any size. Any contents, such as petroleum, sludge, or specialized chemicals are expertly removed by our environmental remediation team, ensuring no residue is left behind. Because we hold a hazardous waste transportation permit, we are also able to haul waste so you don't need to call several sources for cleaning, hauling, and disposal.
The Tank Cleaning Process
Fenn-Vac combines vacuum trucks, high-pressure water blasters, and hydraulic or air-operated pumps to remove tank contents. Combined usage of these trucks, chemical cleaning rigs, and pumps enable us to clean all shipboard or land-based tanks. Our equipment and experience ensure a full turnkey process, which includes removing tanks and providing closure reports after your service.

Tank Removals
We carefully follow all EPA rules and regulations for on-site final closure of tank sites. Disposal services for all recovered products are available, and our proven track record with tank removals assures you of proper compliance.
Vacuum Box, Tank Cleaning in Charleston, SC
Excavation Services
Contaminated soil surrounding leaking tanks are easily excavated and disposed of in environmentally approved methods. Our large vacuum trucks handle heavy bunker fuel, bilge, oil, spilled cargo, and water, while we have process agreements with brick manufacturers, asphalt plants, and landfills that accept most any contaminated soils.
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